Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies (MARZ) is a Toronto-based VFX studio that's delivering feature-film quality on TV timelines. Having worked on series such as The Umbrella Academy, HBO's Watchmen, The Boys and more, MARZ is looking for a Tracking Artis to join our growing team.


  • Creating sets, proxy props and other models based on supplied set data and/or other available survey information
  • Include proof of scale in virtual layout setup
  • Set up the virtual camera from data sheets and track camera motion
  • Matchmove objects/characters to match the action in the live-action plates
  • Render track / matchmove wireframes over plates for approval
  • Undistort/re-distort plates
  • Performs complex matchmove tasks such as camera tracking, character matchmoving (rotoanim), solving lens distortion, deformation matching of surfaces, solving native stereo plates
  • Ensures continuity between scenes when working with other Roto Animation Artists on the same character/rig

Position Requirements:

  • Experience using relevant software such as Maya, 3D Equalizer, and Nuke
  • 2+ years of production experience in an established VFX facility.
  • Demonstrable experience in highly technical, dynamic departments is a must.
  • Follows direction and takes ownership of tasks – seeks clarity, completes on time, etc
  • Collaborates effectively with teammates and Supervisors