• 5+ years’ experience in Film/Television as an FX Artist.
  • Expert knowledge of, and proven ability to use Houdini and Maya to develop high quality photo-real dynamic effects.
  • Experience with rigid body dynamics and particle systems.
  • •Follow creative & technical briefs with regard to the production schedule and set milestones.
  • •Work with animation, lighting & compositing as necessary in order to meet FX animation objectives.
  • •Excellent communication skills and technical knowledge.


  • Design, create and implement high quality photo-real effects including Water, Fire, Smoke, Explosions, Clouds, Debris, Magical etc.
  • Design, create and implement efficient methods, tools, and workflows.
  • Understand and work within the studio/show structure / pipeline.
  • Work with TDs and Pipeline to improve FX processes
  • Report regularly to the FX Supervisor for creative approvals, technical or administrative concerns.
  • Follow the creative direction set forth by the production and communicated by the FX Supervisor and VFX Supervisor.
  • Mentor artists.

Only apply if you are a Canadian Resident, Canadian Citizen or have an OPEN work permit!