• 5+ years experience in high end live action feature film and television;
  • Ability to integrate a broad range of CG, Matte Painting and other various FX responsibilities;

  • Recommended to have post-secondary education in visual effects, film, graphic design, animation and fine arts;

  • Thorough knowledge of Nuke is a MUST;

  • Ability to match & evolve an established art style;

  • Familiarity with PFtrack and Mocha tracking software is desired;

  • Solid artistic skills (drawing or digital painting) a plus;

  • Python, Look dev, Pipeline Development a plus;


  • Evidence of experience in working in a photo-real or VFX for feature films and TV;

  • Expert knowledge of compositing as well as integration of 3D elements into plates;
  • Exhibit artistic and technical skills to work on many aspects of CG shots;

  • Must be able to work under the guidance of a Compositing Supervisor and/or VFX Supervisor to achieve desired level of aesthetic quality and technical accuracy;

  • Keep awareness of schedule and deadlines to deliver work within expected timelines;

  • Positive team player;